Garreth Hicklin

Influenced by the music of Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, John Mayer, Vince Gill, The Doobie Brothers, Little Feat, Jeff Beck, and the Eagles, Garreth embarked upon his professional career as a musician in 1998, touring with Jukebox, Timeshare, Runabout, The Business and Long Dog.

Recording his first album, ‘Just 2’, with Neil McCullough in Clouchy, Northern Ireland in 2001, Garreth recorded the follow up soon afterwards, with both albums receiving critical acclaim. Garreth subsequently worked with bands including Nostalgia, Night Shift, Stroke the Toad, and Off the Record and continued to enjoy live and studio work with Jamie Moses, Stevie Lainge, David Dundas, Jacqueline Rawe, Linda Hayes, Roger Greenaway, Mike Moran, Madeline Bell, Graham Preskett, Keith Airey, PP Arnold, Mim Grey, Elio Pace and the Billy Joel Songbook, The Tom Wright Band, Thornhill, and the theatre show ‘Lipstick on Your Collar’.

During The Illegal Eagles show, Garreth plays electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, piano, drums and saxophone and sings lead and backing vocals. He is, however, a ‘master of all trades, jack of none’ and modest with it!

Garreth uses:

Electric Guitars: Gibson 335 Semi, Yamaha Pacifica, and Fender Telecaster Custom

Acoustic Guitars: Garrison 6 String, Faith 12 String, Martin 12 String,

Guitar Amp: Hayden MoFo 30 Head, Hayden 1 x 12 Speaker.

Other Instruments: Tanglewood Mandolin, Evette & Schaeffer Tenor Sax

Garreth enjoys touring, but especially loves the company of his girlfriend Sarah and their son, Harry James, who can both normally be found on the merchandise stand with Garreth’s parents, Chris and Pete.

In his spare time, Garreth finds himself in great demand as a ski coach throughout the winter season!