Greg Webb

Born in Lincolnshire to a family of successful musicians, Gregory Aitchison Webb grew up surrounded by a wide range of musical influences.

Following two summer seasons at Fantasy Island in Skegness, where the 14-year old Greg played with his parents, he took off on his own, as lead vocalist/lead guitarist with ‘Cry Love’. Gaining experience in pubs and nightclubs across the UK, he was soon prepared for a European theatre tour with ‘The Piggies’, a long established and very popular group, adding keyboards to his instrumental arsenal.

In 2011 Greg joined the critically acclaimed show ‘The Beatles Experience’, playing hundreds of shows across the UK and Europe.

Acquiring a discerning taste for country music, while listening to artists such as Brad Paisley, Alan Jackson and Albert Lee, Greg has brought a fresh dimension to The Illegal Eagles. His skills on banjo and B-bender guitar, coupled with his extraordinary high vocal range, have helped to further complete and complement The Illegal Eagles sound.

When not performing, Greg’s hobby is competing in triathlons!

Greg plays a 1967 Fender Telecaster, a 1984 Fender Stratocaster, a Telecaster B-bender, Gretsch banjo, Tanglewood Master design acoustic and Tanglewood Les Paul. He uses a 1965 Vox AC30 amp. His effects pedals are Wampler Paisley, Wampler Buffer, Full Tone OCD, Banshee Voice Box, Heil Talk Box, Boss DD3, Boss TU3, Korg AX30G.

Since Joining The Illegal Eagles, Greg has been working hard on his first solo album ‘Departure’, to be released in December, and can also be found in various studios as a session guitarist/vocalist.

Greg can also be seen playing live with The Carpenters Story and The Marvinettes (A Tribute to The Shadows) and also conducting guitar clinics around the country. But most importantly, already a father to his six year old son Charlie, Greg is now also blessed with a baby daughter, Hattie Belle, born in 2015.