Mike Baker

Mike started out playing the piano at 5 years old in Romford, Essex where he was born and raised. When he was 7 – much to his excitement – his dad bought him a guitar at a car boot sale and taught him House Of The Rising Sun that same day. Not long after that he started teaching his dad, a practice that continues to this day.

Mike started gigging in a local blues band at the age of 13, where he met various musicians such as Trevor B Newnham, who then began to offer him gigs with other bands playing soul, disco, pop and jazz. At 18 Mike left for Leeds College of Music to study jazz, where he stayed for 5 years working and learning from a huge variety of musicians, including tribute shows to Tower Of Power (guitar), Blondie (keys), recorded and gigged with original pop/soul artists and many covers bands playing jazz, reggae, blues and African music.

On his return to the south, Mike joined a band called The Holloways who had already gained success with their first album “So This Is Great Britian”, and went on to co-write the second album “No Smoke No Mirrors” which kept them busy touring the UK and Europe in 2009-2010.

Since then Mike has been studying the art of production, devoting much of his time to the studio, and writing and recording his own songs. He has been playing guitar for artists such as Clem Curtis and The Foundations, Odysee, and theatre productions such as Hair, The Tina Turner Experience, Sensual Dreams and travelling the world with various corporate bands.