Founder and Director Phil Aldridge, has rejuvenated the Illegal Eagles yet again for it’s explosive 2017 tour.

Band members Tony KileyChristian Phillips, Garreth Hicklin, Greg Webb, and Trev Newnham are now joined, centre-stage, by stunning new find Mike “stud muffin” Baker!

The five astonishing lead vocalists will lead you through the ever-present classics you long to hear such as Lyin’ Eyes, New Kid in Town and Hotel California plus some of the lesser heard gems from one of the richest back catalogues of all time.

The first six months of 2017 has again witnessed an unprecedented rise in audience numbers, who have flooded the Illegal Eagles social media with praise for this spectacular live show.

The growing number of musicians who attend appreciate the ever more precise attention to detail, while the growing army of committed fans continues to be entertained by the witty and engaging presentation.